Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fake bags

I love bags as well as shoes. But why do they have to be so bloody expensive? Luckily there are stores that sell cheaper bags and fake versions of the originals. During my holiday in China I saw a lot of bags that looked exactly like the original. The quality was good and I wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from an original Fendi, Chanel or Prada bag. But what I absolutely hate about fake bags, is not that they are not the original one, but the fact that they can look incredibly trashy when you notice that they are fake. For example, the fake Louis Vuitton bags and wallets... you can find those anywhere! So whenever I see someone on the streets with a Louis ... the word *fake* pops up in my head. It's sad, because those bags have somehow lost their "image". They used to belong to the wealthy people and now basically anyone can own one, whether it's fake or not.
Oh well, in the end the most important thing is that it's a pretty bag that is practical and goes with your outfit. Personally I prefer buying a bag that looks expensive but was cheap. Like my brown bag that I have (left):

It's not real leather, but it looks like leather. It also reminds me a bit of the motorcycle bag balenciaga (right) ... so 2004 btw, but I don't care :). So next time you're looking for a bag, just enter stores like Zara or Mango. They have very nice, (relatively) affordable bags and you don't end up with people wondering wether your bag is fake or not.

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