Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Juan Antonio + miss Mango

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, who, along with chorizo, are Spain’s hottest exports, got hitched in an intimate ceremony in the Bahamas earlier this month, the Associated Press reports.

Cruz, 36, who previously dated Tom Cruise for three years, and Bardem, 41, have known each other for years, co-starring in 1992’s “Jamon Jamon” (“where women eat men and men eat ham”). They started dating around 2007, when they starred again as lovers in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” but kept the relationship low-profile.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Golden wand

Here is a review on one of my most essential beauty items: the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Concealer. This golden "magic stick" brightens up the area under my eyes and gives me a fresh and *I went to bed early* look. The only downside of YSL touche eclat is its price: $39. But if you're lucky you can buy it cheaper... in airplanes for expample where you don't pay taxes and pay $20. Now I know this is still a lot of money... but trust me, it's worth every penny. I bought cheaper variants in the past like L'Oreals Touche Magique but it remains visible on my delicate skin after I applied it.
The beauty about YSL Touche Eclat is that it blends well with the color of my skin, it dries fast and stays on my skin for a long time. Its not great for concealing blemishes tough, but for that L'Oreals Touche Magique goes well.
In conclusion: Touche Eclat is awesome, no product on the market is similar or better in my opinion. 70 percent of the more than 300 Touche Eclat reviewers on would buy this concealer again, those who wouldn't aren't pleased with the pricey price tag.
I say, buy one at the airport, use it for special occasions (like a job interview) because you're more than woth it ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sex and the desert

Finally! I went to the new sex and the city movie!! This time the girls headed to the Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Surprisingly, the "Abu Dhabi scenes" were shot in Morocco as the Emirates’ officials turned down a request to film on location. Nevertheless, the entire movie remains a lust for the eyes, showing beautiful hotels (20.000 $/night) and lovely sceneries (markets, deserts, ...). Many people I spoke prefer the first movie, but I don't. The second one is a more "feel good" movie. I even remember not liking the first one that much because it was a bit depressing... remember Carrie and her disastrous wedding. God, and her wedding dress with the thingy on her head couldn't have been uglier!
Sex and the city 2 is definitely more funny and more fashionable. I can't wait till the third movie comes out and to get Carried away...

H&M fall winter 2010

The last couple of years I found the H&M collection (and Zara/Mango) going a bit downhill. A lot of clothes became too colorfull (80s) with strange prints and a lot a clothes were trashy and not very unique/special. But this fall, warm and classy clothes are comming back on the market! Here's a sneek peak of the collection:

streetstyle part 2

Fake bags

I love bags as well as shoes. But why do they have to be so bloody expensive? Luckily there are stores that sell cheaper bags and fake versions of the originals. During my holiday in China I saw a lot of bags that looked exactly like the original. The quality was good and I wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from an original Fendi, Chanel or Prada bag. But what I absolutely hate about fake bags, is not that they are not the original one, but the fact that they can look incredibly trashy when you notice that they are fake. For example, the fake Louis Vuitton bags and wallets... you can find those anywhere! So whenever I see someone on the streets with a Louis ... the word *fake* pops up in my head. It's sad, because those bags have somehow lost their "image". They used to belong to the wealthy people and now basically anyone can own one, whether it's fake or not.
Oh well, in the end the most important thing is that it's a pretty bag that is practical and goes with your outfit. Personally I prefer buying a bag that looks expensive but was cheap. Like my brown bag that I have (left):

It's not real leather, but it looks like leather. It also reminds me a bit of the motorcycle bag balenciaga (right) ... so 2004 btw, but I don't care :). So next time you're looking for a bag, just enter stores like Zara or Mango. They have very nice, (relatively) affordable bags and you don't end up with people wondering wether your bag is fake or not.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coco mademoiselle

Have you ever heard of the make-up alley? It's a great website if you want to read reviews about all kinds of beauty products. Whenever I want to purchase an expensive beauty item (like a good moisturizer or a perfume) I check the product review section to see whether I should spend my money on it or not.
Lately I've been looking for a new fragrance. As my sense of style is still changing all the time (I'm in my twenties), my taste for perfumes changes as well. Before I would always buy very girly/sweet and trendy perfumes such as *Ralph, by Raph Lauren* or *Tommy Girl by TH*. As I’m getting older I feel like I need a more "mature" perfume but still a little bit sweet/girly and not too heavy. A perfume that that is seductive and feminine, yet also has a bit of masculinity (power/independence!).
To find this perfume I did some research on the make-up alley and *Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel* turned out to be the winner. And I must say... I tried it on in the store and I liked it! It's quite expensive though, but I think it's worth the money. I prefer buying 1 lovely perfume that I can wear any moment of the year than 5 cheaper perfumes that end somewhere in the back of my bathroom cabinet and I forget about. And if my mum finds out I'm spending my money on a very expensive bottle of perfume, I simply state the following:
"A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future" (Coco Chanel)

streetstyle part 1